ESTUDIO SAMPERE S.A., with registered office in C/DE LAGASCA, 16, 28001-MADRID, email address company tax code A78163805, registered at the Registry of Companies of Madrid 3rd Section of the Companies Book, sheet 147, page no. 67.746 entry 1462. Owner of the web page, makes available for the people who visit the web page the following legal notice and privacy policy:


1.1 General Conditions

From the moment the user access, the user accepts fully and unreservedly each of the provisions included on this Legal Notice. This is why reading the Legal Notice is so important every time you use our web page because it could be modified, without previous notice.

1.2 Particular Conditions

Some of the services offered in this website have particular conditions that could in some cases, replace or complement this legal notice. Therefore, we recommend you to read carefully these particular conditions before using our services.

Also, the use of this portal is submitted to all notices, regulations of use and instructions that ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. brought to the attention of the users that could replace and/or complement this Legal Notice.


ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. makes available for the visitors of this web page information about the services provided.


3.1 A correct use of the portal and its services must be done

Every person that access this web page is obliged to use it according to good faith, the law and obligations on this legal notice, the conditions of use and/or particular and other instructions that ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. may consider necessary for the correct use of this website.

It is strictly prohibited to access this web page with illicit or harmful purposes that could affect direct or indirectly ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. or third parties.

This website is protected under the intellectual property law, whether texts, images, sound, brands, logos, color combinations or any other element. The structure and design, selection and presentation of the included materials, access and use are property of ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. being expressly prohibited to manipulate, transmit, copy, modify, incorporate, spread or make available for third parties information, data, contents, messages, graphics, paintings, sound and/or image files, photos, recordings, software and to make any change on this page on application.

Every user that access this web page is obliged to refrain to collect data of the company ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. with advertising purposes and to send advertising of any kind and communications with sale or other nature purposes without previous request and consent of ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. Also, it is completely prohibited to include data of ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. and/or this web page on files or making available for third parties for advertising purposes.

3.2 Free nature of the access and pecuniary nature of service contracting

The access to this web is free for users, however the services contracted by you to ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. or third parties via this website are subject to the payment of an amount as stated on the corresponding conditions of use.

3.3 User Registration

ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. do not oblige the users of this web page to previous registration or registry filling, however any form in this web site will be treated according to current legislation relating data protection and directives required by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection.

3.4 Information veracity

The user is obliged to give data in a truthful manner; it is his own responsibility to keep updated the information provided to ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A.

The user will be the solely responsible for false or inexact manifestations made and damages that these incorrectnesses can cause to ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. or third parties.

3.5 Under-age users

Our services are designed for legal age users, in the event that under-age or incompetent users access this web page they have to be with their parents, guardians or legal representative, who will be considered responsible of every act performed.

Those services contracted by under-age or incompetent users are responsibility of those of legal age in charge of them.

Parents, guardians or legal representatives are obliged to control and restrict the access to those web pages which access is considered unsuitable.


The links on this website that direct to another web page are managed by third parties.
ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. is not responsible for the information, contents, products or services provided by them and assumes no responsibility for any aspects regarding these web pages. The links included on this web page that direct to any other portal do not mean that there is an existing relation between ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. and the owner of the web page to which you are directed, nor the acceptance and/or approval by ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. of their contents or services.

The results of search tools are directly provided by third parties and are a consequence of the automatic functioning of technical mechanisms so ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. can not control and does not control those results, in particular, those among which appears Internet sites which contents could be illicit, contrary to morality or good customs or considered inappropriate for other reasons. ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. do not offer nor commercialize by itself or by third parties the information, contents and services available in those Linked Sites, and also do not control, approve, recommend or monitor them. The User, therefore, has to be extremely careful in the assessment and use of the information, contents and services existing on the Linked Sites.


The user that likes, follows, or similar, ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. on different social networks is subject to the compliance of this legal notice and the conditions established by the Social Network, so we recommend you to consult the Privacy Policies before creating a profile.

The access and use that the user makes of the profile of ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. on different social networks is responsibility of the user, who has to take into account that published data, commentaries, name of the profile and, if so, the photo could be accessible for other followers or members.

The profiles created by ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. on different social networks are designed for legal age users, in the event that under-age or incompetent users access this web page they have to be with their parents, guardians or legal representative, who will be considered responsible of every act performed.

The information that the users of the social network make available for ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A., will be part of a file under its responsibility and will be used according to protection policy that can be consulted in the clause 10 of this legal notice.

Regarding rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition recognized in the Organic Act of Data Protection, the user has to consult the profile settings or exercise them before the social network. ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. can only consult or withdraw the information to a limited extent when having a specific profile. For exercising any right before ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A., you can do it by sending a note to with a copy of the ID document or alternative documentation that identifies yourself.


The content of this web page is an original work and is protected by the Right of Intellectual Property with all rights reserved to ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. that at the same time transfers the right of use to ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A., not allowing the copy nor transmission by any means of part or all the content of the material on this website, including but not limited to texts, graphics, design codes, without prior authorization of the author. In no case it can be copied, modified or de-compiling of the source code via inverse engineering or any other technique.

All logos and brands of this website are registered as brands in the corresponding public registries so having the public certification benefit against any type of controversy in this sense.

External logos that could appear on the site are property of their owners, being them in any cases responsible of any controversy that could arise regarding them. Its placement on this website has been made in any case according to previous communication and acceptance by them.

The design of this website is property of ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. its programming, edition, compiling and other elements necessary for its functioning. Therefore, the express and written authorization of ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. will be needed for the partial or total copy, use, distribution and commercialization in general.

Complaints that could be brought by users regarding possible breach of intellectual or industrial property rights over any Contents of this Web Site have to be sent to the following e-mail:


Participants of different Blogs of this web site have to link their messages with an account on Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail with the purposes of not using false identities.

The content of each message is directly sent by the Blog participant, so ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. is not responsible of the published messages, being them exclusive civil and criminal responsibility of the person who sent it and/or used the Blog.

The user that publishes messages on the Blog cannot use a rude, obscene, discriminatory or offensive language also is not allowed any kind of personal attack, harassment, insults or saying things that embarrass any other participant of the forum or infringes upon ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. or any team member.

Any Blog participant that detects that there are taking place manifestations against the law, moral and/or good customs has to inform ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A.

Through this forum, ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. tries to give the participants the opportunity to formulate critics or commentaries in a constructive, cordial and morally accepted way. The messages that do not meet these characteristics will be rejected.

Forums include informal conversations between people from outside ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A., so they do not involve ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. by no means.

If the participant does not accept these conditions, is not allowed to participate in the Forum.


ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. informs you that our web page uses cookies, uninstalling them will impede its correct functioning.

The cookies are a file that is downloaded on your computer when you access certain web pages. Cookies allow a web page to store and recover the information about user's or equipment browsing habits and depending on the information that they have and how the equipment is used, that could be used to recognize the user, among others.

The types of cookies used on this web page are the following:

Technical cookies are those that allows the user to browse through a web page, platform or application and to use different options or services of the page, for example, to control data traffic and communication, to identify a session, to access to restricted access parts, to remember elements of an order, to perform the request purchase process, to perform the registration and participation request for an event, to use security elements during browsing, to store contents for video or sound diffusion or to share contents via social networks.

Customizing cookies are those that allows the user to access the service with some general characteristics predefined according to certain criteria of the user's terminal.

Analysis cookies are those that allows the person in charge of them to monitor and analyze the behavior of users of those webs to which they are connected.

The information collected by these type of cookies is used to measure the activity of websites, applications or platforms and to prepare browsing profile of the users of those websites, applications or platforms, with the intention of making improvements according to the analysis of service users' data.

The application used to obtain and analyze the browsing information is Google Analytics: y

This application has been developed by Google, who provides us the service of analyzing our web page audience. This company can use this data to improve their own services and to offer services to other companies. You can find out more about other uses through the given links.

This tool does not get data from users' names or surnames nor post address from which is connected. The information obtained is related, for example, to the number of pages visited, the language, social network in which our news are published, the city to which the IP address from which the users access is assigned, the number of users that visit us, the frequency and reoccurrency of visits, visits duration, browser used, operator or type of terminal from which they visit us.

This information is used to improve our page, detect new needs and value new improvements to be introduced with the purpose of providing a better service to the users that visit us.

To allow, know, block or eliminate the cookies installed in your equipment, you can do it through the configuration of the browser options installed in your computer.

For example, you can find further information about how to do this depending on your browser:

Firefox from here:

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Estudio Sampere, S.A., with registered office in C/Lagasca no. 16, 28001, in Madrid, Spain, as responsible of the file will include the personal information provided by you into the files for its treatment, being able to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a note to the before mentioned email with a copy of ID document, passport or alternative documentation that identifies yourself.

The expected purpose and use of the information and its treatment when managing applications as the information is sent because of courses schedule, courses organization and programs. Therefore, Estudio Sampere could send your personal information to the school(s) where the course(s) or program(s) chosen by you and if so to the person in charge of the service provided chosen by you, as for example the people in charge of accommodation, transport and/or sociocultural and festive activities, including those in charge of service provision and the schools located outside the European Union if the school(s) chosen by you is placed outside the European Union. Schools addresses are the following:


Lagasca, 16
E-28001, Madrid, Spain
Tel: +(34) 91 431 4366
Fax: +(34) 91 575 9509


Cuesta San Blás, s/n
E-37007, Salamanca, Spain
Tel: +(34) 92 326 2218
Fax: +(34) 92 326 8488


Médico Pascual Pérez 3
E-03001, Alicante, Spain
Tel: +(34) 965 143 384
Fax: +(34) 965 212 785


Hermano Miguel, 3-43 (Escalinata)
Cuenca, Ecuador
Tel: +(5937) 282 04 60
Fax: +(5937) 282 04 62


Vista Alegre 264, entre Luz Caballero y Juan Bruno Zayas
La Habana, Cuba
Tel: +(535) 281 3935

On each form, there is a box for the acceptance of these conditions, once you mark it you give your free, voluntary and informed consent to the information treatment about which you have been informed, including the transfer and, if so, the international transfer of the data about which you have been previously informed.


Notifications and communications by user to ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. will be effective, in every way, when they are directed by any of these means

10.1. Delivery by post to the following address C/ Santa Engracia 108, 1D, 28003, with a copy of ID document or an alternative documentation that identifies yourself.

10.2. Delivery by e-mail to the address

10.3 Every Notification by ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. to the User will be considered effective, when they are directed by any of these means:

10.4 Delivery by post to the User's address when it has been previously provided to ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A.

10.5 Delivery by email to any of the e-mails that the user has previously provided to ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A.

10.6 Communication by a phone call to the telephone number of the User when it has been previously provided to ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A.

10.7 By pop-up messages sent during the provision of services by ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A.

In this sense, each Notification made by ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. to the User will be considered as completed, if it is done using the information given by the user and through the before mentioned means. For these purposes, the user expresses that every information provided is true and correct and will communicate ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. every change related to notification data.


In case that any user or a third party considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal the illicit nature of the use of any Content and/or the performance of any activity in this website and that could be a violation of the rights of intellectual or industrial property or other rights, is obliged to send a notification with the following information:

11.1 Name, address, telephone number and e-mail of the claimant.

11.2 Specification of the supposed illicit activity carried out in the web page and, in particular, when it is about a supposed violation of rights, a precise and concrete indication of the protected contents and its position on the webs.

11.3 Facts and circumstances that reveal the illicit nature of that activity.

11.4 In the case of supposed violation of rights, handwritten signature or equivalent, with personal details of the holder of the right supposed breached or the person authorized to act in the name of.

11.5 Express and clear declaration under the responsibility of the claimant that the information provided on the notification is exact and the illicit nature of the use of contents or the performance of described activities.


The person who use this website should assume the risks of use and exempt from responsibility to ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A., its directors, managers, employees and agents from any damage, responsibility, losses, costs and expenses including reasonable fees of a lawyer that could arise from the information use on this web page.

The user acknowledges and accepts that ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. is not responsible for any conduct of another user.


For any litigious matter related to the websites from ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A., the Spanish legislation will be applicable and in that case the Arbitration Courts of consumption or similar to which ESTUDIO SAMPERE, S.A. is attached in the moment of the controversy. For any complaint about the use of our services, you can send us an e-mail to the address:

These conditions were updated on July 17, 2014.

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